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We share important aspects in preparing ourselves for transformation. The hardest work will be emotional as we welcome a complete shift in paradigm (our view of the world and our relationship to it) – in other words there will be no familiar frame of reference since change at this order of magnitude is not history repeating itself. What's more, nobody has been here before....which is to say we are all here on the leading edge - no followers looking for leaders, no leaders gathering followers - we do the work together shoulder to shoulder…and we’re making it up as we go!

For our well being, it is crucial that we do so consciously! Should we be asleep at the wheel, we couldn't help but waste valuable energy resisting 'ever changing form' by projecting our perspective backward in guilt or forward in anxiety – this is giving away our power. Rather, by becoming self aware and authentically present, we arouse the genius within while summoning creative intelligence to work through us – standing ever ready to anticipate and harmonize with real time events. And of course, let us look to one another side-by-each for support and encouragement. The obvious starting point is right here, right now. Surf’s up – let’s catch a wave!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Integrating - Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

Insights/Distinctions: For years I have considered the notion of living a balanced life as very important however in practice, it seemed elusive. I wasn’t entirely certain what balanced meant. How far do I need to move the needle on the gauge in one area of my life to get things on course without another area coming off course in the process of diverting my attention?

After having read Stephen Covey's "The 8th Habit - From Effectiveness to Greatness" a few years back, I was able to see things from a different perspective. "At the core, there is one simple, overarching reason why so many people remain unsatisfied in their work and why most organizations fail to draw out the greatest talent, ingenuity and creativity of their people and never become truly great, enduring organizations. It stems from an incomplete paradigm of who we are - our fundamental view of human nature. The fundamental reality is, human beings are not things needing to be motivated and controlled; they are four dimensional - body, mind, heart and spirit." 

While he applies this comment to the workplace, I saw value in my professional and personal life. I didn't need a gas pedal and brake - I needed to be concerned for every aspect (body, mind, heart and spirit) concurrent with the others rather than at their expense since our problems, issues, and opportunities involve all four aspects. In this regard, was I aligning my own values, commitments and actions with this whole-person paradigm? It seemed to me that an obvious clue can be found in how we allocate our own personal resources - the investment that we make in ourselves with our time and money, our investment in our relationships, and in our willingness for continual growth.

Here is a simple way that Stephen Covey organizes his thinking around the whole-person paradigm that is a highly effective framework for creating lives of enjoyment, satisfaction and success through 2010! I even included these tables in my "vision board" to inform my personal Ten Year Vision.

Four Human Needs
Body - To Live (Survival)
Mind - To Learn (Growth and Development)
Heart - To Love (Relationships)
Spirit - To Leave a Legacy (Meaning and Contribution)
So in order to simply and best fulfill our needs....
Body - Keeping arteries clear
Mind - Continually Learning
Heart - Involving others
Spirit - Living as though life is guided by a higher wisdom

Applying the Whole-Person Paradigm to how we see employees...

...and relating those to how we govern our own conduct with those around us. In running our own business or working for an employer with responsibility for others, it is important that we make the distinction between management and leadership. A simple view is that we manage things (budgets, plans, accounts receivable) and we lead people. Here leadership can refer to personal leadership as it relates to our own professional and personal lives.

Stephen Covery points out, "The new Knowledge Worker Age is based on a new paradigm, one entirely different than the thing paradigm of the Industrial Age...people have choices. Consciously or subconsciously, people decide how much of themselves they will give to their work depending on how they are treated and on their opportunities to use all four parts of their nature. These choices range from rebelling or quitting to creative excitement. One who is paid fairly, treated kindly, used creatively and given opportunities to serve human needs in principled ways - makes  one of the upper three choices of cheerful cooperation, heartfelt commitment or creative excitement." We choose to engage or withhold in personal relationships all the time. You can read about a very lovely young man who realized this for himself recently! How happy for his family that he had this insight!

And finally, Steven Covey suggests making these four simple assumptions to "immediately begin leading a more balanced, integrated, powerful life."

For the Body - assume you've had a heart attack; now live accordingly
For the Mind - assume the half-life of your profession is two years; now prepare accordingly
For the Heart - assume everything you say about another, they can overhear; now speak accordingly
For the Spirit - assume you have a one-on-one with your Creator every quarter; now live accordingly

Personal Story: Whether you have teenagers, are married, are an employee, someone's boss or partner, this is fantastic food for thought! I quit a previous job that paid me fairly (Body), used me creatively (Mind), however did not consistently treat stakeholders fairly (Heart), and did not consistently act in principled ways (Spirit). When we are clear about our own values and principles, we are sometimes called upon by our "whole person being" to make what can feel like difficult though right decisions. This is where we experience the largest personal growth when called upon to demonstrate personal leadership in regards to oneself or those within our family or community. Otherwise, we will continue to get what we are willing to put up with! The Abraham-Hicks teachings say that there are no limits to our joyous journeys to experience. Isn't it time to begin creating the life we wish for?!

Quick Tip: I found "The 8th Habit" by Stephen Covey to be invaluable to me as a manager and leader responsible for highly productive teams and in charge of nurturing and growing my family. This book also contains fantastic information about Finding Ones Own Voice and then Helping Others to Find Theirs. I will discuss in future posts how we reach inside ourselves and others to discover and engage genius, talents and passionate engagement. This has very practical application to families, business and any of the communities we belong to. Enjoy!


  1. Andrea AKA "My Mommy at Work":
    Thank you for sharing this with me. You are so inspirational in my journey to become a "Whole Person". I always look forward to our time together.
    I have practiced a lesson you have already shared with me many times over. You see, I have met someone very special and though it is a very new relationship, I am choosing to love this person without reserve and to freely express my feelings without an expectation. Did you know that stuff really works? I am getting all the attention a girl deserves and could possibly want. There was a crack in the door and I kicked it wide open. Thank you! xoxo LZ

  2. Laurel - I am thrilled for you! As I wrote to you on Facebook, your Prince was out slaying a dragon or two, you just had to give him time to get cleaned up and go meet him at the ball. The event, person or thing doesn't show up until we are ready - oftentimes in looking back we realize that a minute sooner and it would not have been as meaningful. Meanwhile, there is only one thing to do until that time - that is "to be" that which you are waiting for - plus alert. As you say - there was a crack in the door - when we become conscious co-creators we will actually start to notice the doors that begin opening in response to our desires - our job is to be alert and prepared to kick them open!! xoxo