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We share important aspects in preparing ourselves for transformation. The hardest work will be emotional as we welcome a complete shift in paradigm (our view of the world and our relationship to it) – in other words there will be no familiar frame of reference since change at this order of magnitude is not history repeating itself. What's more, nobody has been here before....which is to say we are all here on the leading edge - no followers looking for leaders, no leaders gathering followers - we do the work together shoulder to shoulder…and we’re making it up as we go!

For our well being, it is crucial that we do so consciously! Should we be asleep at the wheel, we couldn't help but waste valuable energy resisting 'ever changing form' by projecting our perspective backward in guilt or forward in anxiety – this is giving away our power. Rather, by becoming self aware and authentically present, we arouse the genius within while summoning creative intelligence to work through us – standing ever ready to anticipate and harmonize with real time events. And of course, let us look to one another side-by-each for support and encouragement. The obvious starting point is right here, right now. Surf’s up – let’s catch a wave!

Monday, April 19, 2010

What Could You Do With 8 Weeks?

No I didn't say 9 1/2 weeks!

I have been MIA since mid-February - 8 weeks ago due to having been over come with an affliction - 8 weeks ago I started a new business and am just coming up for air literally today after going live on our website. I am one of three Co-founders along with my daughter Alexandra and our friend Anthony... the rest of the story is at http://blackbirdnaturals.com/.

I had intended to post my next series of articles on Vision and Goal Setting. It was clear to me about four years ago that my career success would be dependent on some kind of entrepreneurial enterprise and that the only way to create a successful business was in partnership. Well, I have done exactly both - started a business and done so with amazing partners! Two keys in my view!

Interesting how Universe will deliver the exact perfect opportunity to exercise that which we intend to create. Not only did the perfect business emerge...as you know from any interaction with me that my true love is coaching others. The only way that I can teach, manage or coach anyone is by literally having been in the trenches slogging it out myself, and then sharing what I have learnt.

Well, my business has provided me with the raw material to begin creating financial independence for my partners and me, and using that as a springboard to help guide others through the process of creating a business leveraging ones own unique abilities.

Furthermore, I have personally experienced a varied career that has involved being employed by major corporations to small business, and being involved in everything from high technology to real estate to network marketing. One of the major learning curves for me in network marketing was experiencing how to work with the gamut of folks from every walk of life and engaging with them in a win/win and entirely self motivated way. This is very different from working for organizations where some of the directive in the hands of a manager or leader is conferred upon them by virtue of their position within the company and the employee's requirement for the job and pay check. You get my meaning here, don't you? It means that there's a boss who has the power to hire and fire, and employees who need their jobs and paychecks. As far as I'm concerned, if any operation is working on such an outdated model, it deserves to die as can be witnessed by many businesses crumbling - the old patriarchal paradigm of power and control is giving way to welcome collaboration where interests of all people involved are considered - that is sustainable business - a win/win/win!

I believe that our success (as individuals, families and communities) and opportunity in the coming years lies in employing our unique abilities in such a way as to create a greater value for others than the energy we personally expend in doing so - easily done when we are excited about what we do and that largely has to do with using one's unique abilities - thereby creating a sustaining business that brings us joy and others value. That said, we have much to learn on jumping over to what may feel like a more daring track from the the well worn supposedly secure track that most of us have been conditioned to as employees - through years of service and before that, years of education. Nothing like a recession (and by many indicators these times could be called a depression depending on whether you lost your job or still have it) to shake things up. Statistics are already showing that more small businesses have been started that would not have been had we not had an economic downturn. I can attest to that!

 Originally my daughter Alexandra, and I did not move forward with the very business plan that landed us an entrepreneurial grant from ASU four years ago because of the recession. Our concern was finding and employing a couple of hundred thousand dollars and making it pay off in a short period of time...so we waited. Eventually we found a far better way of establishing our company that involved virtually zero capital and made it a no brainer to start. It was all about recognizing when there is an intersection of talent and opportunity! Meanwhile, within 8 weeks, our little family company is operating on its own cash flow - a feat in any economy! I'll be telling you about the key major milestones in upcoming posts as a guide to have you start thinking about the business that you may have been dreaming about.

Check out our website. From there, we'll discuss creating your own vision, establishing compelling goals and I'll use my little venture as a perfect showcase to highlight key distinctions that one would consider in all aspects of being at purpose in your life! Just the act of starting literally drops the walls of fear right down in front of your feet that become stepping stones to the next achievement - trust me - it is pretty amazing when you put your dreams into action and keep your eyes open - the guidance is all around - more on that upcoming! Big hugs in the meanwhile, Andrea