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We share important aspects in preparing ourselves for transformation. The hardest work will be emotional as we welcome a complete shift in paradigm (our view of the world and our relationship to it) – in other words there will be no familiar frame of reference since change at this order of magnitude is not history repeating itself. What's more, nobody has been here before....which is to say we are all here on the leading edge - no followers looking for leaders, no leaders gathering followers - we do the work together shoulder to shoulder…and we’re making it up as we go!

For our well being, it is crucial that we do so consciously! Should we be asleep at the wheel, we couldn't help but waste valuable energy resisting 'ever changing form' by projecting our perspective backward in guilt or forward in anxiety – this is giving away our power. Rather, by becoming self aware and authentically present, we arouse the genius within while summoning creative intelligence to work through us – standing ever ready to anticipate and harmonize with real time events. And of course, let us look to one another side-by-each for support and encouragement. The obvious starting point is right here, right now. Surf’s up – let’s catch a wave!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

In Memory of Selim Gabriel Saab

Dear Family and Friends - 
On Thursday, December 16th, Selim passed away. 
He is terribly missed by his wife Andrea and her daughters, Alexandra and Amanda Maw. 
There are no words....Thank God for the outpouring of love, hugs and encouragement from family and friends over these several days. Thank you for being here for us. There have been very few moments without big strong arms around us.
In his letter to me, Selim asked that we bid goodbye to all of his friends. Under the circumstances, we have done our very best to share this news with you personally and are very sorry if we have not already been able to reach you. 

Selim was a very proud man who wanted the best for us with all his heart. We were challenged with very tough economic conditions here in Arizona and we had run out of capital. With the emotional strain of the prospects of losing our home and all that we had built through the boom years, he felt we had run out of obvious options in the short term - he did not have the energy for a new start nor for the long tough road ahead. 
He loved Andrea, Alexandra, Amanda and his three precious Goldens - Charlie, Max and Lucky, and our many family and friends. 
We are holding a private memorial service to celebrate Selim's life in our home at Casa Paradiso in Paradise Valley, AZ on Tuesday, December 21 at 2:30 pm. Please let us know if we may have missed contacting anyone here in Arizona that may wish to join us. 
We send our love, and our best wishes for the holidays. This will be our time for the three of us to reflect on the 10 years of amazing love that we shared with our Prince, Friend, Stepdad, Sage, Soul Mate and our Angel - it is a privilege for the three of us to have been loved so deeply - and to hold his love in our hearts as we look to our path forward. We know that path will have many helping hands and hearts - for that we are grateful.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and appreciate your support and encouragement over the coming months. We know this will be a painful journey ahead for the three of us. Thankfully we have all of you to buoy our spirits - we are already being strengthened to move forward with full hearts and optimism!

We ask that you please not send flowers and have established an account in support of the family in memory of Selim Gabriel Saab. Please email for instructions at asaab@mac.com .

In Love

Andrea, Alexandra and Amanda
The 'A' Team + Princess Warriors

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