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We share important aspects in preparing ourselves for transformation. The hardest work will be emotional as we welcome a complete shift in paradigm (our view of the world and our relationship to it) – in other words there will be no familiar frame of reference since change at this order of magnitude is not history repeating itself. What's more, nobody has been here before....which is to say we are all here on the leading edge - no followers looking for leaders, no leaders gathering followers - we do the work together shoulder to shoulder…and we’re making it up as we go!

For our well being, it is crucial that we do so consciously! Should we be asleep at the wheel, we couldn't help but waste valuable energy resisting 'ever changing form' by projecting our perspective backward in guilt or forward in anxiety – this is giving away our power. Rather, by becoming self aware and authentically present, we arouse the genius within while summoning creative intelligence to work through us – standing ever ready to anticipate and harmonize with real time events. And of course, let us look to one another side-by-each for support and encouragement. The obvious starting point is right here, right now. Surf’s up – let’s catch a wave!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

12 weeks Into Our New Business

We're running at break neck speed and coming up for air - there are many observations to be made about starting one's own business - 12 weeks in and we're feelin' the love! We have new accounts and meeting with Whole Foods this week - wish us luck! We're rolling truffles like there is no tomorrow! And we're definitely not making a living just yet however we are so stoked about what we are in the process of creating.
My two partners and I are definitely all feeling "fully self expressed"! Nothing better in the world to be expressing our talents 100% or greater. (Feels like greater everytime we make the mad dash to the post office to meet shipping deadlines!!) So love this quote on Anthony's site and more to come on hopefully inspiring others to become independent by looking at what it is that is our "sweet spot" and, some how making more space in our life to express more of it - eventually it can turn into a business plan and rock your world! As I said to my girlfriend Viv, start noticing what it is that you authentically contribute to any situation that gives you more energy than it takes!!

Perhaps there is a real tie in as to why we started our organic foods company Blackbird Naturals since the base of our creative energy starts with our physical health! xoxo

An entrepreneur is really a free-range animal.
Factory Farms? Feedlots? Um...not anymore.
I feel there is a correlation -
The better you eat -
The more your mind breaks free from societal conditioning -
So...the quicker you take your destiny into your own hands

and become an entrepreneur involved in Conscious Commerce. 
Anthony Anderson 
Updated October 2010 - New Branding!
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