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We share important aspects in preparing ourselves for transformation. The hardest work will be emotional as we welcome a complete shift in paradigm (our view of the world and our relationship to it) – in other words there will be no familiar frame of reference since change at this order of magnitude is not history repeating itself. What's more, nobody has been here before....which is to say we are all here on the leading edge - no followers looking for leaders, no leaders gathering followers - we do the work together shoulder to shoulder…and we’re making it up as we go!

For our well being, it is crucial that we do so consciously! Should we be asleep at the wheel, we couldn't help but waste valuable energy resisting 'ever changing form' by projecting our perspective backward in guilt or forward in anxiety – this is giving away our power. Rather, by becoming self aware and authentically present, we arouse the genius within while summoning creative intelligence to work through us – standing ever ready to anticipate and harmonize with real time events. And of course, let us look to one another side-by-each for support and encouragement. The obvious starting point is right here, right now. Surf’s up – let’s catch a wave!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day - Make It Extraordinary

Firstly, the greatest gift we can give to the world is truly loving ourselves! That is one of the most healing of all acts in the world as it prepares the bedrock for all our acts of compassion and kindness for others! In that case, why not spend some thought on how to demonstrate that love and get in the habit of being kind to yourself. Here are some ideas to inspire. Spending money is not the object - many ideas will not involve buying something to evoke your love and passion - a simple homemade card with poem as a gift or doing together what you both love. In any event, go ahead and enjoy yourself! It's the experience of your creativity at work and the act of giving that matters - and one of the biggest gifts we can give is our time!

Kind Over Matter
Start With Homemade!

Give your loved one a gift to sponsor their own creativity...truly priceless! When you do spend money, do so as an investment. I promise you that when you make space in your life for creativity in smaller ways, you build a path of confidence to allow creativity to show up in bigger ways. Let your imagination loose and begin to "experience" creativity - in simple arts and crafts, bringing beauty into your environment, connecting with the earth, nature, your food and so on. Step away from you computer and tv for awhile - embrace your hobbies and create new ones to encourage that creative force to flow through you. Let Valentine's be a catalyst for opening up that powerful channel within you - whatever it is you do, do it with passion!

Inspire the green thumb - start doing some of the things you love! You do have time - truly you do.

Or visit the nursery for plants that just need water and light!

Connect with nature in your own backyard!


Make your garden beautiful to greet the Spring sun for your vitamin D3!


Flowers burst with amazing energy - that's why women love to receive flowers!

Quick Tips: For more ideas and inspiration for giving, browse From Titanic To Ark store - and click on some of the photos above for links - order on line for convenience or better...visit your favorite local small neighborhood shops for an outing while you help keep them in business and strengthen your local community - make it yours!

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